For the uninitiated, a Boba Tea (also known as Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea) is a combination of tea and milk with tapioca pearls. To make the pearls, starch of the tapioca plant is mixed with water and kneaded into a dough. Small pieces are then broken off, rolled into balls, and laid out to dry. Just before serving, the dry tapioca pearls are tossed into a pot of boiling water and become the sweet, chewy bubbles we all enjoy munching on. At Pekoe Sip House, we prepare our boba fresh every morning to be added to your favorite cold drink.

As we mentioned in our Boba Tea Blog Feature, this exotic tea drink was invented in Taiwan during the 1980s. We have been making Boba Tea at Pekoe’s three Boulder locations since our doors first opened in 2003.

SIP TIP: All Boulder cafe loose-leaf teas can be enjoyed hot, cold, as a latte, or with boba pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Boulder Boba Tea Drinks

Those who have fallen in love with Boba Tea will attest, when you have a craving for Boba nothing else will do! We have a variety of Boba Tea options that should speak directly to those cravings.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy Boba Tea, so your every craving is satisfied:

Give It To Me Straight

You don’t need any bells or whistles to enjoy bubble tea. Boba pearls are as fun to drink as they are to say! So let’s keep it simple to enjoy your boba your way.

 * Original Boba: Since it was invented, the signature Boba Tea blend has been black tea with milk and tapioca pearls. We’ll keep it simple with this traditional boba tea – adding just enough organic agave to leave it sweet.

 * Iced Sunny Green Boba: At Pekoe Sip House, you can add tapioca pearls to any cold drink. Just pick your favorite tea and your favorite milk and let us do the rest! But allow us to suggest one of our most popular choices: a mixture of Sunny Green Tea – green tea with notes of pineapple and papaya – with milk, agave, and tapioca pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Original Boba Tea with Black or Green Tea, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Original Boba // Sunny Green Boba


No Caffeine, Please

Whether you are about to relax outside, stretch out on a yoga mat, or simply prefer caffeine-free blends, we have some fun and flavorful options for you.

 * Forbidden Freeze Boba: One of our most popular blended drinks, whipping together organic Forbidden Fruits Tea, Lemonade, agave, and ice – It’s twice the fun when you add chewy tapioca pearls!

 * Iced Rooibos Boba: If there is a drink that is more fun to say than “Rooibos Boba,” we haven’t come across it yet! Say yes to the sweet, rich taste of African “Red Bush” Rooibos Tea with milk, organic agave, and tapioca pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Herbal and Caffeine Free Boba Tea, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Forbidden Freeze Boba // Iced Rooibos Boba


Energy At The Same Time

For those of us who need a kick-in-the-pants for a study session, workout, or afternoon with the kids – and those who have an old-fashioned iced coffee addiction – we have the perfect energy boosting tea and coffee drinks to get you going.

 * Iced Vanilla Toddy Boba: Coffee-lovers will feel right at home sipping this Cold Brew Coffee-based Boba Tea with milk, sweet vanilla agave, and tapioca pearls. Made with Pekoe Sip House coffee blends, the Vanilla Toddy Boba is sure to satisfy your coffee craving while delivering the sweet, chewy bubbles you now love.

 * Iced Mate Boba: With more than 40mg of caffeine per cup, South American Yerba Mate Tea is energizing, builds focus, and enhances endurance. Swirled with milk, organic agave, and tapioca pearls, this tea drink will deliver sustainable energy while pleasing your palette (and appealing to your sense of fun).

Pekoe Sip House Energizing Coffee and Iced Mate Tes Boba, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Iced Vanilla Toddy Boba // Iced Mate Boba


I Need Comfort Food

Sometimes we just want to feel comforted! Reach for a tea with warm, friendly spices with our Chai Wallah Boba, or sip a dessert-esque drink that draws up the corners of your mouth with our White Strawberry Boba.

 * Chai Wallah Boba: Our organic black tea house Chai contains cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, allspice, and cloves – all ingredients of our favorite warm autumn breads and muffins, but in a cold drink. Mixed with the milk of your choice (dairy, soy, almond), sweetened with a touch of organic agave, and finished with tapioca pearls, of course – this is comfort in a cup!

 * White Strawberry Boba: Forbidden Fruits herbal hibiscus Tea with milk, tapioca pearls, and… Premium White Chocolate? Yes, you heard that right. The best type of dessert is one that can be sipped through an oversized straw. You could consume this drink way too fast if it weren’t for the thoughtful ritual of chewing on tapioca pearls after each sip.

Pekoe Sip House Comforting Sweet and Spiced Boba Teas with Chai and Herbal Fruit Hibiscus Tea, Milk, and Tapioca Pearls

Chai Wallah Boba // White Strawberry Boba


I’m Still Trying to Be Healthy, But…

Matcha Green Tea Powder is the latest and greatest superfood to be called out by The Today Show, Vogue Australia, Real Simple, New York Magazine, and our own Pekoe Sip House Matcha Blog. Treat your body and your tastebuds to our Matcha drink blends with Boba.

 * Matcha Doshu Boba: The more refined of our two popular Matcha Boba Tea drinks, the Matcha Doshu contains organic Matcha green tea, milk, organic agave, and tapioca pearls.

 * Green Buddha Boba: The more decadent of our Matcha Boba drinks, the frozen Green Buddha Boba Tea contains organic grade A Matcha powder, milk, organic agave, and a generous helping of premium white chocolate! Tossing tapioca pearls into one of our most popular blended drinks is a sweet bonus. 

Pekoe Sip House Superfood Matcha Green Boba Tea with Milk and Tapioca Pearls

Matcha Doshu Boba // Green Buddha Boba


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