Spring Forward

Step out of the Winter Rut and Spring Forward

The Spring season is the time for recharging, moving forward, and enjoying the warmer days! After a long winter of snow, freezing temperatures, and shorter days, Spring is eagerly welcomed by everyone. The transition from winter to spring can sometimes seem hard so we want to give you that little nudge in the right direction to take advantage of this new season!

You have the motivated mindset to get out there so we are just suggesting the extra boost to get your legs moving!

The Health Powerhouse
Matcha: Organic Green Tea Powder

We can’t suggest Matcha enough for all its health benefits and versatile uses! This energizing tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which are known to fight heart disease and cancer. Green tea also increases endurance and enhances fat-burn before exercise. Whisk or blend this health powerhouse as a hot or iced tea in the morning and you will be ready for anything!


Try this great on-the-go breakfast or snack to keep you energized all day!

Your All Day Energy
Pekoe House: Organic Loose Leaf Chai Tea

Chai Tea is not only soothing in the Winter but also energizing in the Spring! When you have a busy day ahead, a cup of Pekoe House Chai provides long-lasting energy and focus without the jitters. A spirited organic Assam black tea wrapped in traditional chai spices will awaken the senses and energize body and mind.


Try all our Chai blends at our cafes to find your favorite go-to energy!

With the warm weather approaching a Chai Wallah is the refreshing energy your afternoon needs! Use our Pekoe app to order ahead + skip the line so you get your drink even quicker!


Let’s Celebrate the Earth!

Reusable, Mugs, Pekoe,

Earth Day is such an exciting day to remind us how great this state of Colorado is with its fresh mountain air and a community that is motivated to stay healthy and active outside. With today being the official day for earth awareness, most of you probably took an extra minute of your day to really take in how we are helping the environment, but couldn’t we make Earth Day every day!


As a Boulder, Colorado local company, Pekoe Sip House is involved in keeping the earth around us clean and healthy every day. They focus on the use of recyclable products and promoting reusability with their collection of travel mugs and tumblers. Keeping the earth clean is a main priority which makes each sip that much more enjoyable.

Each one of us can help make a big difference with just that one extra thought each day, that’s only 365 minutes a year for the environment which is a lot less minutes thinking about work, yourself, and eating. In Boulder and the whole state of Colorado, the locals are great examples of how each one of us makes a difference in keeping the earth clean and the mountains as prestigious as they have always been. The bike paths that run more than 300 miles around the city allows commuters to not only enjoy the 300 days of sunshine Colorado offers, but keeping the air free from less car pollution. With those paths, people are walking, running, or even roller-skating to work, stores, and home. Not only does this allow our beautiful state of Colorado to stay clean but it keeps the community healthy and motivated.

Here are a few easy ways to help the Earth every single day.

REUSE and then RECYCLE: You know those days you are rushing to the grocery store to make dinner before the craziness of the kids coming home then you get to the store and you forgot your reusable bags. We have all been there, and now you are forced to use the paper grocery store bags but that is OK! Now you can use those bags next time at the store and the time after that until its completely used then you RECYCLE. A small gesture like this can make a huge difference in the long run.

• BYOM – Bring Your Own Mug: This small act is so easy and it cuts out having to worry about recycling! Bringing your own mug to Pekoe Sip House will of course give you the perk of a discount every time, but also the convenience of on-the-go capability with the comfort of your own mug and no need for finding a recycling bin once you finish your beverage. Sounds like a no-brainer!
• Take a Stroll or Ride – Boulder makes it extremely easy for us to commute on foot or bike to work, shop,and grab a happy-hour drink with friends. With the access to the bike paths no matter your location in town, you can contribute to the clean breathing air by one day a week walking or biking instead of driving.

Just once a week can make a huge difference!

Get Outside and Play!

Earth Day is a great way to remember why we want to keep the land we live in clean and flourishing. Take a look out your window or take a walk on your lunch break, appreciate what Colorado has to offer and and what each one of us can offer to this amazing state we call home.