8 Tea and Coffee Cocktails for a Homemade Happy Hour

Hosting a homemade happy hour with tea cocktails is a terrific way to gather friends and family for an unforgettable end-of-summer hurrah or fun weekend brunch.

Whether your preference is shaken or stirred, the following eight tea cocktail recipes are sure to please. They feature loose-leaf tea and local Colorado spirits. All loose leaf teas used in the recipes are available to buy online.

The tea cocktail recipes below feature some of our favorite collaborations with three Boulder-local distilleries, all of them producing exceptionally ranked and flavorful artisan spirits: Geek Spirits Rum Distillery, Altitude Spirits, and Suerte Tequila. From savory to sweet, relaxing to energizing, tea cocktails offer the nourishing and hydrating benefits of tea. Cheers!


Pekoe Sip House Iced Tea and Silver Rum Mojito Recipe using local Boulder ingredients

What happens when you take small-batch silver rum from organic Caribbean molasses and combine it with concentrated herbal hibiscus fruit tea, lime, and mint? The resulting mojito is an absolute gem. Try a Forbidden Mojito this August, while this limited-edition cocktail is being poured exclusively at Geek Spirits Rum Distillery in Boulder, CO.

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2 Tea Cocktail Recipes for 4th of July Celebrations

Get your red, white, and blue ready — it’s time to celebrate 4th of July!

Below are two hand-crafted tea cocktails to make your next celebration a festive one.

Tea Cocktails for Holiday Celebrations - Online Tea Shop - Pekoe Sip House - Tea

Online Tea Shop - Pekoe Sip House - Boulder, CO

Lucky Charms is tea cocktail made with Suerte Tequila, available at local liquor stores in Boulder, Co. This aptly named cocktail — made with Pekoe Forbidden Fruit tea — will, indeed, have you feeling pretty lucky as you walk down America’s figurative historical lanes to appreciate the land of the free and home of the brave. Pair Lucky Charms tea cocktail with your late-afternoon BBQ dishes or that triple-layered chocolate cake you’ve been meaning to make.

Online Tea Shop - Pekoe Sip House - Boulder, CO  Tea Cocktails for Holiday Celebrations - Online Tea Shop - Pekoe Sip House - Sunny Green Tea

Online Tea Shop - Pekoe Sip House - Boulder, CO

Pekoe Smash is a Vodka-based tea cocktail made with Sunny Green Tea that’s perfect for every 21-and-older summer picnic. If you want to make it truly patriotic, add blueberries with fresh strawberries. This tea cocktail offers nourishing energy, thanks to the green tea, on a hot summer’s day.

This 4th of July when you slip into your most patriotic shirt and comfy sandals, take a moment to raise a glass in celebration of family, friends, and the pursuit of happiness. Cheers!

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Lost in Translation Tea Cocktail Recipe

Tea cocktails are all the rage, my friends. Shake up the Lost in Translation – made with tequila – this May!

Lost In Translation_ Tea Cocktail Recipe - Black Tea - Green Tea - Pekoe Sip House Boulder Colorado

To help you celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Boulder-style, we concocted the Lost in Translation tea cocktail recipe, made with Boulder’s own Suerte Tequila, available at local liquor stores. This aptly named tea cocktail — made with Pekoe’s Black Tiger or Sunny Green teas — will, indeed, transport you to the inner barrios of Mexico City, with its bold architecture, lively salsa dancing, and tacos al pastor on street corners.

Slip into your poncho and sombreros, folks  … This Cinco de Mayo, raise a glass in celebration of family, good health, and great friends to toast with year-round. ¡Salud!

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