Pekoe’s 24-Hour Cold Brew Coffee

Winter weather is on its way out. The days are longer and temperatures are rising. Spring fruits and vegetables are ripening, and as of this weekend, the farmers’ market is back in town. At Pekoe Sip House, we are ready to welcome our favorite iced beverages back into the regular drink rotation. We have written about popular iced teas and iced boba drinks – now it’s time to share some of the frosty cold spotlight with Cold Brew Coffee!

Pekoe's 24-Hour Cold Brew Coffee

The Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee

The difference between iced coffee and cold brew is simple. Iced Coffee is typically brewed hot, then cooled with ice or in the refrigerator. Cold Brew Coffee is cold from start to finish, with cool water absorbing the coffee’s flavor over a long period of time.

Our Cold Brew is made with our signature Muse blend, an organic gold roast coffee. The Muse blend is soft and mellow with notes of dark cherry, vanilla, and hazelnut. Over a 24-hour period, freshly ground coffee beans infuse cold water to create our signature Cold Brew Coffee. This deliberately slow process ensures rich, balanced flavor. Delicious over ice, our Cold Brew also takes milk and sugar well. Add the milk and sweetener of your choice at home or in our three Boulder cafe locations!

Best Unique Coffee in Boulder

Ahh, coffee. For many of us, there’s nothing better than the first cup of the day. While Pekoe Sip House specializes in tea, the heart of our philosophy is the “sip.” Our cafe experience and online shop aren’t confined to the world of loose-leaf tea, but include three tasty, signature coffee blends as well. How could we ignore one of the most popular drinks in America?

Pekoe Sip House offers three signature blends at cafes in Boulder

Hello, Coffee Drinkers

If you enjoy a cup or more of coffee each day, you are in good company. More than half of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee, averaging more than 3 cups of coffee per day! What’s more, National Geographic published the results of a study that found that “coffee is the top source of disease-fighting antioxidants in the U.S. diet.”

Coffee boasts a host of health benefits including increased energy and fat burn, thanks in large part to its caffeine content. In addition to boosting brain power, coffee may lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes and protect against Alzheimer’s and dementia. That’s certainly worth reaching for the french press.

The caffeine and the health benefits may have hooked us, but we keep coming back for the taste. At Pekoe Sip House, we offer three unique coffee blends with full-bodied flavor and rich aroma: Continue reading

Sip It Your Way: Personalize Your Tea Drink at Pekoe

Your drink is about you! When you order tea or coffee at Pekoe Sip House there are two demands to balance: a flavor craving to satisfy, and the nourishment your body needs. Whether you want it healthier, tastier, or more energizing – personalize your tea drink! How, you ask?

  • Swap in a milk alternative
  • Toss in some chia seeds
  • Upgrade to a big straw with boba pearls
  • Stir in something sweet
  • Add a Skoop of whole food nutrition

Scroll down to learn more!

personalize your tea drink with chia, boba, sweeteners, plant-based powders, and more.

Make It Healthy!

Change Your Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, it’s true – but for those with lactose allergies or vegan diets, we offer soy, rice, and almond milk alternatives. Each alternative fits a different lifestyle, and they all taste unique! Soy milk is a good source of protein and vitamin B. Almond Milk is a low calorie option with no saturated fat or cholesterol, and a good source of vitamins D and E. Rice Milk is good for those with nut allergies. Whether you’re searching for a new flavor or different health benefits, we have a milk that’s a fit for you.

Add a Detox or Protein

With newly available Skoop powders, you can quickly and easily add 100% plant-based whole food nutrition to your favorite drink. Cleanse and reboot your body with Detox A-Game, or shake in Super All-In-One, which delivers the protein and nutrition of a balanced meal and promotes digestive health.

Toss In Chia Seeds

Soaked chia does more than add fun texture. These tiny black seeds are high in fiber and protein, and are naturally gluten-free. A smart addition to any smoothie, iced tea, or breakfast bowl!

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Kid’s Tea Party Ideas

This winter, brew loose-leaf tea at home with your kids for a fun, easy, and delicious indoor activity. You can teach healthy habits and enjoy time together with a kids tea party!

BONUS: Learn how to order kid-friendly tea drinks on your next trip to our Boulder tea cafes.

When it comes to kid favorites, there are two hands-down winners at Pekoe Sip House: Blueberry Virtue Rooibos Tea and Forbidden Fruits Tea. Both have delicious fruit flavor and vibrant color, and are naturally caffeine- and sugar-free.

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10 Boba Tea Drinks to Satisfy Every Craving

For the uninitiated, a Boba Tea (also known as Bubble Tea or Pearl Milk Tea) is a combination of tea and milk with tapioca pearls. To make the pearls, starch of the tapioca plant is mixed with water and kneaded into a dough. Small pieces are then broken off, rolled into balls, and laid out to dry. Just before serving, the dry tapioca pearls are tossed into a pot of boiling water and become the sweet, chewy bubbles we all enjoy munching on. At Pekoe Sip House, we prepare our boba fresh every morning to be added to your favorite cold drink.

As we mentioned in our Boba Tea Blog Feature, this exotic tea drink was invented in Taiwan during the 1980s. We have been making Boba Tea at Pekoe’s three Boulder locations since our doors first opened in 2003.

SIP TIP: All Boulder cafe loose-leaf teas can be enjoyed hot, cold, as a latte, or with boba pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Boulder Boba Tea Drinks

Those who have fallen in love with Boba Tea will attest, when you have a craving for Boba nothing else will do! We have a variety of Boba Tea options that should speak directly to those cravings.

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How To Help Save the Honey Bees

Did you know that 1 in 3 bites of your food is pollinated by honey bees?

42% (nearly half!) of these friendly bees vanished last year. That’s a sobering statistic. A world without bees would be devastating for our planet. That’s why we’re fundraising for the Colorado Beekeepers Association – and you can help!

Visit a Pekoe Sip House location near you, and help us save the honey bees. 20% of all honey sales will be donated to support local bee keepers. Honey is a natural, antimicrobial addition to your tea or coffee for health and flavor. Try adding honey to a stronger brew such as Assam Black Tea, or a soft and delicious cup of chamomile blossom tea.

Here are 2 other ways you can help save the honey bees:

  • * Plant flowers in your yard or in flower boxes on your patio.
  • * Reduce or eliminate your personal pesticide use.

alt = boulder tea house to save honey bees

The honey bees are vital to our future. Please help.

4 Reasons Why Boulder is a Remarkable Place to Live & Visit

Hey, neighbors and visitors alike! Get ready to shop local, eat healthy and soak up the Boulder vibe at Pekoe Sip House.

Alt = Pekoe tea house view - Boulder, Colorado - incredible patio and flatirons view

Boulder, Colorado, is a wonderful place to work, play, visit, and live. There are so many draws for visitors and residents alike, including the abundant sunshine; breathtaking natural beauty (hello, Flatirons!); delicious drink and food for all appetites and preferences (including gluten-free and paleo); the entrepreneurial spirit and Boulder startup community; and the community-focused commitment to health and fitness.

Pekoe is proud to be a part of the Boulder community since 2003. We currently have three locations: near the bustling downtown Boulder area, near the 29th Street Mall area in the Steelyards, and on the University of Colorado campus.

We’ve seen the city of Boulder change over time — and admittedly, we’ve changed with it. But one thing remains constant: Boulder is a place you have to experience for yourself.

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How Loose Leaf Tea is Better For the Environment & Your Body


There are many reasons that we here at Pekoe Sip House have chosen to specialize in loose leaf tea, and I’ll give you a hint: It’s not just about the flavor! As a B-Corp, we are committed to harnessing the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

In honor of Earth Day, we want to remind our customers and neighbors why we care so much about environmentally friendly practices:

We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint and leave this world better than we found it.

That’s why all our locations being wind powered, we compost all our tea and coffee grounds, which customers can pick up from us to use in their gardens. Also, the paper and plastic products we use are over 99% compostable with ceramic options for reuse in house.

We have chosen to reduce our impact on the environment not just by composting our tea and coffee grounds, but by making the type of tea we serve more environmentally friendly to begin with.

There are many reasons why loose leaf tea is preferable to tea bags.

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Be the Change: Pekoe Sip House’s Community Values

Pekoe Sip House - Organic Tea Boulder Colorado

Pekoe Sip House is a certified B Corp.

Meaning, we meet higher standards when operating our business. We believe in our community values of transparency (what you see is what you get), accountability (we keep our word), and performance (quality is paramount).

By becoming B Corp certified, Pekoe had to pass a test that proved we do, indeed, stand behind our values. Like other B Corps, we offer a positive vision of a better way to do business. By caring about community, the environment and ethics.

Pekoe Sip House - Boulder Tea - Colorado

Ethical Sourcing

When obtaining our tea leaves and coffee beans we use ethical sourcing methods. We have relationships with producers and importers around the world where we know the workers are treated fairly and earning fair wages. We also carry a number of Fair Trade Certified products.


Our commitment to environmental practices extends from all our locations being wind powered, to composting all our tea and coffee grounds for people to use in gardens. The paper and plastic products we use are over 99% compostable with ceramic options for reuse in house. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint and leave this world better than we found it.


When you give to charity, you may benefit economically, psychologically, socially, spiritually and physically. Every year, Pekoe donates funds to social and education programs for positive change locally, nationally and globally. We are all in this together, and that is what defines community. Such examples are Half the Sky, Open Heart CO and Women’s Safehouse.

Pekoe Sip House - Boulder Tea - Colorado

As a result of the collective success of all BCorp companies around the country, individuals and communities — including our hometown of Boulder, Colorado — will enjoy greater economic opportunity, society will address its most challenging environmental problems, and more people will find fulfillment by bringing their whole selves to work. Now, who doesn’t want that?

Where we work, live and play — that’s home. Since we opened our doors in 2003, we have been committed to being a positive influence in the community.

Our Promise

Pekoe Sip House is dedicated to promoting sustainability in every sense of the word, by our ongoing commitment to both the environment and the quality of life experienced by individuals in the coffee industry. Pekoe’s Farm2Cup certification ensures that you can feel good about the coffee you drink.

By initiating best practice sharing and quality control, investing in the farming communities and bring a better quality of life for farmers, we are able to bring you the highest quality coffee possible: it tastes good, it feels good.

We also have a B Corp Certification, further demonstrating our commitment to the greater good for all. B Lab certified companies are a building a new sector of the economy by using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. B Corp certifications are provided through B Lab, a 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves a global movement of entrepreneurs using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

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8 of the Healthiest Gluten-Free Foods – Available at Pekoe Sip House

It feels good to feel good. Wouldn’t you agree? And what we eat and drink influence whether or not our feel-good day tops the charts, or if it sinks low.

Never fear! We put together the below list — 8 of the healthiest gluten-free foods — you can find in our Boulder cafes or at your local grocery store, so that you can live the healthiest life you deserve. Starting today!

8 of the Healthiest Gluten-Free Foods – Now Available at Pekoe Sip House

1. Quinoa – What a nutritional all-star! Quinoa is naturally gluten-free and packs 8 grams of hunger-busting protein and 5 grams of fiber in one cup. It’s also packed with nutrients, such as iron, zinc, selenium and Vitamin E. At Pekoe cafes, try our quinoa, beet and kale salad. Mmm!

2. Cinnamon – Known for it’s anti-inflammatory TLC (that’s tender loving care), cinnamon may also help stabilize blood sugar levels. Use it generously in your coffee, tea or granola. (We like how it takes in a chai latte!) Stop in a Pekoe cafe for gluten-free pumpkin bread, baked with cinnamon.

3. Green Tea – Touted for its health benefits, green tea is a fitness and lifestyle BFF. Green Tea contains catechins, a type of phytochemical that may affect metabolism. Pick up some of our Sunny Green loose leaf tea online in our tea shop, or stop by one of our local Boulder cafes today for your fix. We also sell iced green tea at local markets, including Whole Foods and Cured. (Hint: You can make iced tea at home!)

8 of the Healthiest Gluten-Free Foods – Now Available at Pekoe Sip House

4. Hot Peppers – Capsaicin is the magic word. That’s what makes hot peppers such a hot commodity in modern diets. This compound appears to curb appetite and speed up metabolism slightly. Looking for a kick in your drink? Try a Pressery Habanero Lemonade, available at our cafes.

5. Coffee – Yes, pour another! America’s favorite breakfast beverage may help rev metabolism at the same time it helps you pry open your eyelids. We only ever serve organic, locally roasted, and fair trade coffee.

6. Pears & Apples – Both fruits are high in water content. Eat them with peels on for extra fiber, to help you feel full longer. With fall fast approaching, we’ll be serving Cider in our cafes!

7. Berries – Snack on sweet blueberries, raspberries, strawberries or blackberries to satisfy your sweet tooth. They’re nature’s candy, after all. For a divine indulgence, order a gluten-free berry streusel at one of our Boulder cafes.

8. Raw Veggies – Trying to kick the chip habit? Reach for raw veggies like carrots, celery, cucumber, and raw zucchini. Low in calories, these raw veggies are full of water. Dip in salsa for extra zest. Or get your fill with one of our flavorful gluten-free salads, a great choice for lunch.

Bonus: In our cafes, we also serve raw, gluten-free desserts!

All these gluten-free foods (and drinks!) listed above have one thing in common: they’re medicine. Other foods to add to your plate this fall include grapefruit first thing in the morning and roasted sweet potatoes, minus the sugary marshmallows on top.

These gluten-free foods are known to give your immune system the boost it needs — especially as we look ahead to colder months.

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