Spiced Energy Tea Gift Set

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Enrich your senses with the taste of Fall

The uplifting blend of energy and seasonal spices in our Loose Leaf Chai Teas awakens your senses for your busy day. Keeping you focused and your metabolism stimulated will bring all day benefits. Enrich your senses and immune system with the spices of the Fall season in each sip to keep your body and mind healthy. Enjoy the start of a new season with the perfect cup of your choice of chai tea!


Gift Set Includes:

4oz Pekoe House Chai: Traditional black tea and balanced blend

4oz Spicy Green Chai:  Green tea with extra ginger and pepper blend

4oz Mate Chai: South American mate energy and mild spiced blend

4oz Rooibos Chai: Caffeine-free blend using South African rooibos with cinnamon and ginger blend.

Weight 1.5 lbs