Relaxing Serenity – Caffeine Free Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set


Relax. Healing blends to soothe your body.


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Start and end your day with a soothing formula from our Relaxing Serenity Tea Set. Caffeine-Free and nourishing, the Evening Solace will ease your mind and body while satisfying all your cravings with touches of mint, herbs, and vanilla. Fill your body with a healthy blend of peppermint, organic licorice root, organic ginger, and organic South African Rooibos in the Pekoe Revival to soothe and relax your senses. Need a little sweetness to your daily routine? Add in a hot cup of our Persian Lime with sweet lime and touches of cream to make each sip satisfying and nourishing.

The perfect cup to grab after a hard workout in the mountains or to end another chaotic work day, the No-Pain Tea will help your muscles recover and your body to relax to start strong the next morning. The Relaxing Serenity Tea Set will accompany you for all your needs at any time of day to make sure you feel healthy and assured.

Gift Set Includes:
Evening Solace – A soothing and relaxing blend of chamomile, mints and herbs with a hint of vanilla.
No Pain Tea – A caffeine-free tea that contains anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger to help your body recover after a hard day or workout.
Pekoe Revival – A wellness-promoting blend of organic peppermint, organic licorice root, organic ginger and organic South African Rooibos that revitalizes the senses and soothes the body.
Persian Lime – A smooth, sweet, satisfying and nourishing rooibos loose tea infused with sweet lime and graceful notes of cream.
Finum Infuser – A convenient way to brew tea everyday.