Pekoe Starter Kit – Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set


Healthy Start. Enhancing the tea drinker inside of you.


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When it comes to Pekoe Tea, there is an option for each type of tea drinker and lifestyle. With the multiple varieties we offer, it can be a difficult to decide what direction to go. With our Starter Kit you will receive the best of everything to assist with your undeniable sweet cravings, upset stomach aches, and unwinding from a long day.

This Tea Set is a great option to educate your tastebuds on tea and to experience a range of delightful and enriching cultures through each sip.

Gift Set Includes:
Black Tiger – A light and naturally sweet loose-leaf black tea with a brisk level of caffeine best enjoyed with friends, iced or hot.
Sunny Green – A nourishing and invigorating green tea blended and infused with the sweetness of papaya and pineapple.
Evening Solace – A soothing and relaxing blend of chamomile, mints and herbs with a hint of vanilla.
Vanilla Earl Creme – A sweet and serene kiss of vanilla with a burst of citrusy bergamot.
Persian Lime – A smooth, sweet, satisfying and nourishing rooibos loose tea infused with sweet lime and graceful notes of cream.
Genmaicha – A smooth and sweet blend of Japanese green tea with toasted and popped brown rice. Rich, malty, and satisfying.
Chocolate Haze – A distinctive mate tea for energizing vitality, with cocoa and hazelnut bits.
Forbidden Fruits – A refreshing blend of sweet organic fruits and aromatic flowers.
Tea Sacs – Made from abaca pulp, cellulose and sealing fibers, guaranteed for true-flavor filtering.
• Spoon – A great accessory to make brewing tea that much easier.