3-Bag Variety Coffee Bundle


Energy for your workout, energy for the every day. Coffee is known to rev metabolism and give you a nearly-instant jolt of go-get-’em. That’s why coffee is a great drink before a workout or a busy day.

This 3-bag variety coffee bundle includes one bag each (12 oz.) of Pekoe’s organic, fair-trade Traveler, Muse, and Visionary coffee blends.

  1. Traveler – Flavors of oak, toasted walnut and a hint of creamy maple syrup make up this blend of Sumatra, Mexico, and Uganda fair-trade and organic coffee beans. (Danette’s personal favorite!)
  2. Muse – A poetic medley of dark cherry, vanilla and hazelnut that is made up coffee beans from of Honduras, Uganda, and Peru.
  3. Visionary – A clever blend of blackberry, chocolate and butterscotch that is comprised of 50% Honduras, 25% Mexico, 25% Uganda fairtrade and organic coffee beans.

Try each of Pekoe’s energizing coffee blends with a dash of cinnamon, for extra anti-inflammation and appetite control. Enjoy!

For quantities of 10 or more and corporate rates, please inquire at: wholesale@pekoesiphouse.com.