Make at Home: Loose Leaf

Make “your perfect cup!” 1. Choose your tea. 2. Heat water. 3. Steep your tea.

A great cup of tea starts with high quality tea leaves. Choose your favorite from our selection of whole leaf loose teas. Indulge in the diverse range of shapes, sizes, colors, and aromas found in different teas and blends.

Heat water to the temperature recommended for your tea using a convenient hot water kettle or a stove top pot.

Once water is heated, steep your tea for the recommended time (it varies by tea) in a teapot or mug. Add agave or honey to taste if you like and then pour tea into your favorite cup! Enjoy!

Brewing Tips

If stronger flavor is desired, add more tea, not time. Sensitive teas will taste bitter if infused longer than the recommended steep time.

When making iced tea, follow iced tea instructions for tea amount, time and water temperature, then pour over ice.

If brewing two or more teas together, follow the steeping instructions for the tea with the shortest steep time and lowest temperature.

View a full brewing guidelines here.