Spring Forward

Step out of the Winter Rut and Spring Forward

The Spring season is the time for recharging, moving forward, and enjoying the warmer days! After a long winter of snow, freezing temperatures, and shorter days, Spring is eagerly welcomed by everyone. The transition from winter to spring can sometimes seem hard so we want to give you that little nudge in the right direction to take advantage of this new season!

You have the motivated mindset to get out there so we are just suggesting the extra boost to get your legs moving!

The Health Powerhouse
Matcha: Organic Green Tea Powder

We can’t suggest Matcha enough for all its health benefits and versatile uses! This energizing tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which are known to fight heart disease and cancer. Green tea also increases endurance and enhances fat-burn before exercise. Whisk or blend this health powerhouse as a hot or iced tea in the morning and you will be ready for anything!


Try this great on-the-go breakfast or snack to keep you energized all day!

Your All Day Energy
Pekoe House: Organic Loose Leaf Chai Tea

Chai Tea is not only soothing in the Winter but also energizing in the Spring! When you have a busy day ahead, a cup of Pekoe House Chai provides long-lasting energy and focus without the jitters. A spirited organic Assam black tea wrapped in traditional chai spices will awaken the senses and energize body and mind.


Try all our Chai blends at our cafes to find your favorite go-to energy!

With the warm weather approaching a Chai Wallah is the refreshing energy your afternoon needs! Use our Pekoe app to order ahead + skip the line so you get your drink even quicker!


3 Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea No Other Beverage Can Match


Matcha (pronounced MA-CHA) is a powerhouse tea like no other. It’s unlike tea, in the typical sense, since you aren’t steeping leaves. Rather, matcha is a fine-ground, powdered, high-quality green tea. The green tea leaves are ground into powder. That’s part of what makes matcha green tea so unique: Rather than steeping the leaves in hot water, matcha is ground into a fine powder that is mixed with hot water.

You’re digesting the green tea leaf and, because of that, you’re getting all the great benefits of the tea. More so than if you steeped the tea. It’s even said that matcha green tea contains six times as many antioxidants as goji berries and 60 times as many as spinach.

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