All About Dad


All About Dad
Father’s Day is this Sunday so we want this week to be all about Dads! We grew up watching our Dad getup early to make a cup of coffee and head off to work for the day. We waited for him to return later that evening to greet us with a big hug and an exhausted smile. We all cherished that end of the work day hug when dad got home and we know he felt the same way. A cup of coffee in the early morning feels similar to that big hug we got from Dad with its boldness to wake up our system and its comforting warmness from the first to last sip. We want to give everyone that feel-good cup of hugs!

Uniquely for Dad
Pekoe has three exclusive blends and our Rare & Exotics Single Origin to satisfy every variation of coffee drinker for a healthy and energizing sip. From the unique blend of El Salvador Single Origin to gold, medium, and dark roasts, there are plenty of ‘coffee hugs’ to be passed around. Our newest addition, El Salvador – Single Origin, in our Rare & Exotics is focused around its excellent taste from the soil it was grown and the support it gives back to the people working the lands. Our three Pekoe blends are locally roasted, organic, fair-trade and exclusive only to our Sip House. Each coffee is unique and will bring you on a world-wide adventure through each perfectly brewed cup.

el salvador r&e


El Salvador – Single Origin – Whole Bean Coffee

Our Sip House Rare & Exotics are single origin coffees, sourced directly from small-lot coffee farmers around the world. Our goals are to support the people that work the land, the local community and excellent coffee production.


gold roast


Muse Whole Bean Coffee
A crowd-pleasing choice, our Muse fair-trade and organic coffee blend offers a poetic medley of flavor notes: dark cherry, vanilla and hazelnut from three incredible sources: 50% Honduras, 25% Uganda, and 25% Peru.


visionary blend


Visionary Whole Bean Coffee
Enjoy this clever blend of blackberry, chocolate and butterscotch notes that is comprised of 50% Honduras, 25% Mexico, 25% Uganda fair-trade and organic coffee beans.



traveler blend


Traveler Whole Bean Coffee
Savor the flavor notes of oak, toasted walnut and a hint of creamy maple syrup. Our robust and bright Traveler coffee is comprised of 33% Sumatra, 33% Mexico, 33% Uganda fair-trade and organic coffee beans.


The Gift that Keeps Dad Going
We want Dad to stay energized through the whole day so he always gives us that big hug each evening he gets home! Dad deserves the perfect brewed coffee each morning to start the day energized and ready to go. The French Press makes a bold and smooth cup that gets the body moving and his taste buds satisfied. Not sure Dad will know how to brew with a French Press? We got you covered!

How to Make a Coffee with a French Press

What You NeedFrench Press, Pekoe Sip House,

1/2 cup freshly roasted Pekoe coffee beans
4 cups cold water
Coffee Bean Grinder
French Press, should hold at least 32 ounces
Electric kettle or a stovetop kettle
Thermometer, optional
Long spoon

1. Measure out 1/2 cup of coffee beans.
2. Grind the coffee beans: Your coffee grounds should be rough and coarse, but still evenly sized, without a lot of fine grit.
3. Heat 4 cups of water to boiling, then cool for 1 minutes.
4. Add the water to the French Press
5. Stir the brew: Stir vigorously, using an up and down motion.
6. Steep for 4 minutes: You may find that different roasts of coffee do better with slightly longer or shorter steeping times.
7. Plunge the press: When the timer goes off, immediately press the plunger all the way to the bottom. Drink the coffee immediately.

Hot coffee in the morning is the perfect good morning hug, but majority of Dads need that midday energy boost too! With the summer weather here to stay, a cold brew coffee in the afternoon sun sounds just as good.

Fathers Day, Pekoe Sip House,
Pekoe Cold Brew Coffee
Made with our signature Muse blend, an organic gold roast coffee. The Muse blend is soft and mellow with notes of dark cherry, vanilla, and hazelnut. Over a 24-hour period, freshly ground coffee beans infuse cold water to create our signature Cold Brew Coffee. This deliberately slow process ensures rich, balanced flavor. Delicious over ice, takes milk & sugar well.


Our Pekoe Pitcher is the perfect way to store and serve our cold brew coffee! You can keep it at home for an evening refreshment or bring it to work for an all day energy boost at your convenience.

Shop Now for Father’s Day!
We have just what your Dad needs to keep him healthy and satisfied! This week, use promo code: PEKOEDAD for $2 off all coffee bags. Also use promo code FRENCHFIVE, for $5 off all French Presses to make sure Dad has his perfect cup of coffee every morning. In addition, we have a Father’s Day exclusive gift set made for all those ‘on-the-go’ Dads, which includes our El Salvador – Single Origin – Whole Bean Coffee and our Pekoe Tumbler. We hope each and every Dad has a wonderful weekend being a dad and drinking lots of coffee to get you through it energized!

Pekoe’s 24-Hour Cold Brew Coffee

Winter weather is on its way out. The days are longer and temperatures are rising. Spring fruits and vegetables are ripening, and as of this weekend, the farmers’ market is back in town. At Pekoe Sip House, we are ready to welcome our favorite iced beverages back into the regular drink rotation. We have written about popular iced teas and iced boba drinks – now it’s time to share some of the frosty cold spotlight with Cold Brew Coffee!

Pekoe's 24-Hour Cold Brew Coffee

The Difference Between Cold Brew Coffee and Iced Coffee

The difference between iced coffee and cold brew is simple. Iced Coffee is typically brewed hot, then cooled with ice or in the refrigerator. Cold Brew Coffee is cold from start to finish, with cool water absorbing the coffee’s flavor over a long period of time.

Our Cold Brew is made with our signature Muse blend, an organic gold roast coffee. The Muse blend is soft and mellow with notes of dark cherry, vanilla, and hazelnut. Over a 24-hour period, freshly ground coffee beans infuse cold water to create our signature Cold Brew Coffee. This deliberately slow process ensures rich, balanced flavor. Delicious over ice, our Cold Brew also takes milk and sugar well. Add the milk and sweetener of your choice at home or in our three Boulder cafe locations!