Spring Forward

Step out of the Winter Rut and Spring Forward

The Spring season is the time for recharging, moving forward, and enjoying the warmer days! After a long winter of snow, freezing temperatures, and shorter days, Spring is eagerly welcomed by everyone. The transition from winter to spring can sometimes seem hard so we want to give you that little nudge in the right direction to take advantage of this new season!

You have the motivated mindset to get out there so we are just suggesting the extra boost to get your legs moving!

The Health Powerhouse
Matcha: Organic Green Tea Powder

We can’t suggest Matcha enough for all its health benefits and versatile uses! This energizing tea is rich in antioxidants called catechins, which are known to fight heart disease and cancer. Green tea also increases endurance and enhances fat-burn before exercise. Whisk or blend this health powerhouse as a hot or iced tea in the morning and you will be ready for anything!


Try this great on-the-go breakfast or snack to keep you energized all day!

Your All Day Energy
Pekoe House: Organic Loose Leaf Chai Tea

Chai Tea is not only soothing in the Winter but also energizing in the Spring! When you have a busy day ahead, a cup of Pekoe House Chai provides long-lasting energy and focus without the jitters. A spirited organic Assam black tea wrapped in traditional chai spices will awaken the senses and energize body and mind.


Try all our Chai blends at our cafes to find your favorite go-to energy!

With the warm weather approaching a Chai Wallah is the refreshing energy your afternoon needs! Use our Pekoe app to order ahead + skip the line so you get your drink even quicker!


Share the Love

Put Love in the Air! 

February is the month to share love to friends, family, and loved ones. By chatting over a cup of tea, going for a group hike or just simply hanging out, we can all share some love! What better way to spread some sweetness then with your favorite chocolate flavors. Our Pekoe chocolate tea blends are the perfect addition to that chat, hike, or get together with your loved ones. In our cafes or at home, share the love of Pekoe this month!

Spiced Chocolate
Chocolate Chai
Loose Leaf Chai Tea, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate, Steamed Milk

Experience the perfectly blended flavors of Chai and dark chocolate with our Chocolate Chai. Made perfectly for you at our cafes to share with your friends or loved ones.


Nuts for Chocolate
Chocolate Covered Almond
Loose Leaf Black Tea

Indulge in the nutty and chocolate enjoyment of real chocolate-covered almonds. Our Chocolate Covered Almond black tea offers the nutty and sweet flavors of coconut, safflower, almonds, and organic cacao nibs. Enjoy the comforts of chocolate almonds with friends or a loved one this Valentine’s Day.


Chocolate Boost
Chocolate Hazelnut
Loose Leaf Mate Tea

A distinctive mate tea for energizing vitality, with cocoa and hazelnut bits. Our Chocolate Haze Mate blend sprinkles carob and hazelnut bits among toasted mate for a decadent yet healthy buzz. Share the comforts of chocolate with your loved ones at home with this seasonal favorite.

Share a cup of love with friends or loved ones at our cafes. Can’t make it to our cafes? We are always open at pekoe.com. Enjoy 20% off Chocolate Covered Almond & Chocolate Hazelnut tea blends online until 2/14/17. Use Code: CHOCOLATE


Fall Back in Love

Fall Back in Love


Pumpkin everything, cooler mornings, and warmer drinks have finally begun to arrive! One of the nation’s favorite seasonal drinks are the well-known, Pumpkin Spice Latte. We like to do things different with our return of the Pumpkin Chai Latte using REAL pumpkin! You can always stop by our cafes for your favorite seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Chai Latte, Salted Caramel Latte and Vanilla Earl Grey Latte but let’s get you set up for at home too where you can still have all your favorite flavors and spices right in your kitchen!

Two of the country’s favorite fall flavors all in one drink! Don’t be fooled, our Pumpkin Chai Latte isn’t like any others. With no artificial flavors, we use REAL pumpkin, cinnamon, and organic loose leaf chai tea. With these three ingredients you can make a delicious seasonal treat at home! Brewing the perfect Loose Leaf Chai Tea is one of the most important aspects!


Want your favorite spices in more than just your drink? Try these delicious Chai Pancakes to complete the perfect combination of Fall!


Time to Recharge


Time to Recharge

It’s that time of year when the dorms are filled, the books are piling up, and everyone needs a little more energy and focus. Don’t worry, we have you covered on the perfect teas to get you back on track to have another successful start of school!

Let’s Focus!

In the summer months, we focus on friends, traveling, and new adventures. Now its time to reprogram our minds to books and classes which sounds less exciting then hiking a mountain. Becoming focused doesn’t have to be dull when you have something deliciously perfect to keep you on track.


Try our Mango Mate! Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet and savory with juicy mango and earthy roasted mate flavor. Yerba mate tea is energizing, builds focus, and enhances endurance. This invigorating blend with ginseng root can also aid concentration, making this tea the perfect companion at work or school.


Re-Energize for School!

Need more energy with that focus after all the traveling, sports, and events that used up all your summer energy but now you need your back-to-school energy? From the Blue Mountains of Nilgiri, India, where tigers run wild, our Black Tiger tea will make you find your inner tiger to energize you through the end of the school year.


Sip on our Black Tiger! Named after the majestic creatures of Southern India, our loose leaf black tea is a light, naturally sweet tea with low acidity that offers nourishing and refreshing energy. It’s a terrific loose leaf tea to enjoy first thing in the morning, since it’s high in caffeine. Additionally, our Black Tiger tea is ideal selection for use as an iced tea, as it is thirst-quenching and refreshing.


Sleep to Success!

Accomplishing everything during the day is great but how about those 8 hours at night when you need sleep to recharge for the next full day. Letting your mind and body rest at night will only help bring that inner tiger out during the day! Find your happy place in a warm, cozy cup of chamomile infused Evening Solace before bed to recharge over night for a better tomorrow!


Relax with Evening Solace! Savor this relaxing loose leaf herbal tea made of chamomile, mint and a hint of vanilla. We recommend serving hot and sipping after a meal, before bedtime, or whenever you need help relaxing.

Mix Up Your Tea

Pekoe, Tea

Mix Up Your Tea

Teas not only come in a wide range of different flavors to fulfill all your cravings but you can also customize it to make it personalized just for you! Fresh fruit, iced drinks, and the summer sun all make for the perfect recipe for the month of July. Here are our favorite iced tea combinations, show us your delicious creations too at #mixupyourtea #pekoe.

Coco’nuts’ For Tea
Add a splash of coconut milk to your black tea for a perfect morning pick-me-up with the flavors of sweet coconut!

What you Need:

  • 2-3 teaspoons of Black Tiger Tea
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut milk per 8oz
  • Infuser or Strainer

How to Make:

  1. Place 2-3 heaping teaspoons per 8oz of Black Tiger Tea into an infuser or strainer.
  2. Use a kettle to heat filtered cold water to a boil, then pour the hot water over tea.
  3. Steep the tea for 3-5 minutes.
  4. Add ice cubes or refrigerate to chill.
  5. Add in a tablespoon of coconut, then add more ice if needed. ENJOY!

Fresh Forbidden Fruits
Add fresh strawberries to your forbidden fruits herbal tea for a summer favorite! Use our Iced Tea Pitcher to easily infused the fresh fruit flavors!

What you Need:

  • 2-3 teaspoons of Forbidden Fruits Tea (more if you are filling up the pitcher)
  • 1/4 cup chopped fresh strawberries per 8oz
  • Infuser or Iced Tea Pitcher

How to Make:

  1. Place 2-3 heaping teaspoons per 8oz of Forbidden Fruits Tea into an infuser or strainer.
  2. Use a kettle to heat filtered cold water to a boil, then pour the hot water over tea.
  3. Steep the tea for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Add ice cubes or refrigerate to chill.
  5. Add in fresh strawberries, allow 1 hour for the strawberries to fully infuse in tea. ENJOY!

Twist of Lemonade
Add fresh squeezed lemonade to your mango mate tea for an energizing iced drink

What you Need:

  • 2-3 teaspoons of Mango Mate Tea
  • 1/4 cup fresh squeezed lemons per 8oz
  • Infuser or Strainer

How to Make:

  1. Place 2-3 heaping teaspoons per 8oz of Mango Mate Tea into an infuser or strainer.
  2. Use a kettle to heat filtered cold water to a boil, then pour the hot water over tea.
  3. Steep the tea for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Add ice cubes or refrigerate to chill.
  5. Squeeze in 1/4 fresh lemons, add more ice if needed. ENJOY!

Traveling Tea

Blog Pic

The Traveling Tea

It’s that time of the year where we are all traveling and enjoying the outdoors any chance we get! The sun is always out, the temperatures are at their peak and we are energizing ourselves for our summer bucket lists. We believe that no matter where you go to vacation or how you decide to enjoy your down time that you should always have your favorite tea at your convenience! As well as, staying hydrated and energized, which is even more important during the summer months. Lucky for you, it really is that easy to enjoy your favorite iced tea flavors anytime you want!

Vacation pairings with your tea!

Overnight Camping and Hiking
If you are an avid hiker or athlete you know that summer is prime time to explore new lands and adventure to the highest points. For those on-the- go travelers we recommend our Black Tiger Tea!

Loose Leaf Black Tea, Pekoe Sip House,


Spirited energy! Black Tiger – Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea This organic loose leaf black tea comes from the Blue Mountains of Nilgiri, India, where tigers run wild. Named after the majestic creatures of Southern India, our loose lead black tea is a light, naturally sweet tea with low acidity that offers nourishing and refreshing energy. It’s a terrific loose leaf tea to enjoy first thing in the morning, since its high in caffeine. Additionally, our Black Tiger tea is ideal selection for use as an iced, as it is a thirst-quenching and refreshing.


Family Vacation to Disney World
Taking the kids to Disney World or any other busy resort town? We know you will need a nice energy boost to keep up with the excited kids and extra fat-burning benefits for those extra ice-cream scoops you will want to enjoy! Sounds like you? Plus, you can save some money! Our recommendation for this vacation is our Sunny Green Tea!

Green Tea, Tea, Flavored Tea, Loose Leaf Tea, Low Caffeine Tea, Popular Tea


Nourishing energy! Sunny Green Tea – Loose Leaf Green Tea Our Sunny Green loose leaf tea contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and is a great tea for runners or any athlete looking to stay healthy. This loose leaf green tea will treat your taste buds while providing nourishing all-day energy and focus. Sunny Green tea makes a delicious iced tea too. Especially when seven chilled with a pineapple garnish.


Relaxing on a Beach
Sometimes just laying on the beach with a book in hand while sipping on something cold and refreshing is the best vacation you can find. You don’t need the extra energy boost but want to savor the moment you are currently in. Sounds good right? Your perfect recommendation here would be Forbidden Fruits!

PekoeSipHouse, Boulder, Colorado,


Replenishing! Forbidden Fruits – Organic Loose Leaf Herbal Tea Savor each sip of our refreshing caffeine-free hibiscus herbal tea. Pieces of apple, mango, and raspberry complete the fun flavor profile of this vibrantly colored organic tea! Enjoy hot or iced with a wedge of orange, lime, or lemon. Try missing with other fruits for a sangria-style experience.


Brew Wherever and Whenever You Want!
We love brewing the perfect cup of tea hot or cold for you each and every day at our Sip Houses. Unfortunately, we can’t personally follow you to all your destinations but our tea and brew guide can! You only need three easy traveling tea accessories to brew the perfect cup whenever you want it!

What You Need for the Perfect Traveling Tea

Pekoe Sip House, Infusers, Paper Filters, Loose Leaf Tea


Disposable Finum Tea Sacs
Aromatreu white paper (chlorine-free) ideal for tea portions for cups and mugs with easy-fill flap and expanding base.



Pekoe Sip House, Infusers, Loose Leaf Tea


Re-useable Finum Infuser
The combination of high quality plastic and stainless steel allow the user to have an aromatic enjoyable experience while the tea lid maintains the tea warmer for longer. Once the brew is complete, the lid can simply be flipped over and used as a drip-off tray for the tea filter.


Beverage Tumblers, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Pekoe Sip House,


Tea Tumbler
Take your tea now wherever you go with this easy traveling cup.




Iced Tea Brew Guide

Make refreshing loose leaf iced tea at home in 4 easy steps:

1. Place 2-3 heaping teaspoons of loose leaf tea per 8 oz cup into and infuser or strainer. Use more tea if you desire a stronger flavor.

2. Use a kettle to heat filtered cold water to a boil, then pour the hot water over the tea. For green and white teas, use water that is barely steaming (170-180F).

3. Steep the tea. (Green teas need 2-3 minutes to steep, black teas 3-5 minutes, oolong teas 4-6 minutes, and herbal infusions 5-10 minutes.)


All About Dad


All About Dad
Father’s Day is this Sunday so we want this week to be all about Dads! We grew up watching our Dad getup early to make a cup of coffee and head off to work for the day. We waited for him to return later that evening to greet us with a big hug and an exhausted smile. We all cherished that end of the work day hug when dad got home and we know he felt the same way. A cup of coffee in the early morning feels similar to that big hug we got from Dad with its boldness to wake up our system and its comforting warmness from the first to last sip. We want to give everyone that feel-good cup of hugs!

Uniquely for Dad
Pekoe has three exclusive blends and our Rare & Exotics Single Origin to satisfy every variation of coffee drinker for a healthy and energizing sip. From the unique blend of El Salvador Single Origin to gold, medium, and dark roasts, there are plenty of ‘coffee hugs’ to be passed around. Our newest addition, El Salvador – Single Origin, in our Rare & Exotics is focused around its excellent taste from the soil it was grown and the support it gives back to the people working the lands. Our three Pekoe blends are locally roasted, organic, fair-trade and exclusive only to our Sip House. Each coffee is unique and will bring you on a world-wide adventure through each perfectly brewed cup.

el salvador r&e


El Salvador – Single Origin – Whole Bean Coffee

Our Sip House Rare & Exotics are single origin coffees, sourced directly from small-lot coffee farmers around the world. Our goals are to support the people that work the land, the local community and excellent coffee production.


gold roast


Muse Whole Bean Coffee
A crowd-pleasing choice, our Muse fair-trade and organic coffee blend offers a poetic medley of flavor notes: dark cherry, vanilla and hazelnut from three incredible sources: 50% Honduras, 25% Uganda, and 25% Peru.


visionary blend


Visionary Whole Bean Coffee
Enjoy this clever blend of blackberry, chocolate and butterscotch notes that is comprised of 50% Honduras, 25% Mexico, 25% Uganda fair-trade and organic coffee beans.



traveler blend


Traveler Whole Bean Coffee
Savor the flavor notes of oak, toasted walnut and a hint of creamy maple syrup. Our robust and bright Traveler coffee is comprised of 33% Sumatra, 33% Mexico, 33% Uganda fair-trade and organic coffee beans.


The Gift that Keeps Dad Going
We want Dad to stay energized through the whole day so he always gives us that big hug each evening he gets home! Dad deserves the perfect brewed coffee each morning to start the day energized and ready to go. The French Press makes a bold and smooth cup that gets the body moving and his taste buds satisfied. Not sure Dad will know how to brew with a French Press? We got you covered!

How to Make a Coffee with a French Press

What You NeedFrench Press, Pekoe Sip House,

1/2 cup freshly roasted Pekoe coffee beans
4 cups cold water
Coffee Bean Grinder
French Press, should hold at least 32 ounces
Electric kettle or a stovetop kettle
Thermometer, optional
Long spoon

1. Measure out 1/2 cup of coffee beans.
2. Grind the coffee beans: Your coffee grounds should be rough and coarse, but still evenly sized, without a lot of fine grit.
3. Heat 4 cups of water to boiling, then cool for 1 minutes.
4. Add the water to the French Press
5. Stir the brew: Stir vigorously, using an up and down motion.
6. Steep for 4 minutes: You may find that different roasts of coffee do better with slightly longer or shorter steeping times.
7. Plunge the press: When the timer goes off, immediately press the plunger all the way to the bottom. Drink the coffee immediately.

Hot coffee in the morning is the perfect good morning hug, but majority of Dads need that midday energy boost too! With the summer weather here to stay, a cold brew coffee in the afternoon sun sounds just as good.

Fathers Day, Pekoe Sip House,
Pekoe Cold Brew Coffee
Made with our signature Muse blend, an organic gold roast coffee. The Muse blend is soft and mellow with notes of dark cherry, vanilla, and hazelnut. Over a 24-hour period, freshly ground coffee beans infuse cold water to create our signature Cold Brew Coffee. This deliberately slow process ensures rich, balanced flavor. Delicious over ice, takes milk & sugar well.


Our Pekoe Pitcher is the perfect way to store and serve our cold brew coffee! You can keep it at home for an evening refreshment or bring it to work for an all day energy boost at your convenience.

Shop Now for Father’s Day!
We have just what your Dad needs to keep him healthy and satisfied! This week, use promo code: PEKOEDAD for $2 off all coffee bags. Also use promo code FRENCHFIVE, for $5 off all French Presses to make sure Dad has his perfect cup of coffee every morning. In addition, we have a Father’s Day exclusive gift set made for all those ‘on-the-go’ Dads, which includes our El Salvador – Single Origin – Whole Bean Coffee and our Pekoe Tumbler. We hope each and every Dad has a wonderful weekend being a dad and drinking lots of coffee to get you through it energized!

Best Teas for Runners

Pekoe Sip House, Tea For Runners,

It’s Time to Run & Play!

The sunshine and warm weather have finally arrived in Boulder, with the occasional thunderstorm, where more people than ever are getting outside to run, bike, and hike. Majority of people in Colorado have been active during the months of snow, ice covered trails, and a few below freezing conditions but now with the sun shining bright and early, the paths are occupied even more with runners preparing for the summer season. One event that will soon be taking over our home town of Boulder with runners is BolderBOULDER. Started in 1979 as a small, local 10k, BolderBOULDER has grown to be one of the largest and most respected community running events in the world. So, here are some tea ideas for all you running enthusiasts out there.

Teas for Runners

We know running 6.2 miles, hiking for hours, and biking up hills is no easy task and we want to make sure you are energized and ready to tackle all your adventures. Here are teas that will help energize you, boost your endurance, and make sure you have a fast recovery.

Matcha – Organic Green Tea Powder
Superior quality stone-ground green tea powder, Matcha is a must-have in your kitchen! The Green Tea increases endurance and enhances fat-burning before exercise. Rather than steeping and removing tea leaves, you ingest the entire leaf! You can bake, cook, or just enjoy Matcha in a drink either hot or cold! Added bonus, it is high in caffeine so you can enjoy a couple hours before a workout to get your body awake and moving!

No Pain – Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
Pain-ease in every cup. A caffeine-free tea like no other, our organic No Pain rooibos tea contains anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger to help your body recover after a hard day or workout. Pour this tea over ice to not only recover your body but cool it down after a warm summer workout!

Power Sage Berry – Loose Leaf Mate Tea
Our Power Sage Berry mate tea will bring a jolt of energy to the body with a pleasing combination of berries, fruits and Yerba mate tea for the senses. Heighten your focus to tackle that all day hike or that 10k road race! A great alternative to coffee before your morning workouts to give you that boost in energy but with a satisfying fruity taste!

Are you someone that needs just a little bit more energy in the morning before you run? Add in local honey for an all natural sugar to any tea or a spoonful before toeing the start line!

Colorado is an active, healthy, and motivated state that allows people to reach their limits in every sport. In Boulder, Pekoe Sip House is empowering you with all the right teas to make sure you are on top of your game each day. Good luck to all the BolderBOULDER runners and all others who are tackling new adventures this summer!