Best Teas for Runners

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It’s Time to Run & Play!

The sunshine and warm weather have finally arrived in Boulder, with the occasional thunderstorm, where more people than ever are getting outside to run, bike, and hike. Majority of people in Colorado have been active during the months of snow, ice covered trails, and a few below freezing conditions but now with the sun shining bright and early, the paths are occupied even more with runners preparing for the summer season. One event that will soon be taking over our home town of Boulder with runners is BolderBOULDER. Started in 1979 as a small, local 10k, BolderBOULDER has grown to be one of the largest and most respected community running events in the world. So, here are some tea ideas for all you running enthusiasts out there.

Teas for Runners

We know running 6.2 miles, hiking for hours, and biking up hills is no easy task and we want to make sure you are energized and ready to tackle all your adventures. Here are teas that will help energize you, boost your endurance, and make sure you have a fast recovery.

Matcha – Organic Green Tea Powder
Superior quality stone-ground green tea powder, Matcha is a must-have in your kitchen! The Green Tea increases endurance and enhances fat-burning before exercise. Rather than steeping and removing tea leaves, you ingest the entire leaf! You can bake, cook, or just enjoy Matcha in a drink either hot or cold! Added bonus, it is high in caffeine so you can enjoy a couple hours before a workout to get your body awake and moving!

No Pain – Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
Pain-ease in every cup. A caffeine-free tea like no other, our organic No Pain rooibos tea contains anti-inflammatory turmeric and ginger to help your body recover after a hard day or workout. Pour this tea over ice to not only recover your body but cool it down after a warm summer workout!

Power Sage Berry – Loose Leaf Mate Tea
Our Power Sage Berry mate tea will bring a jolt of energy to the body with a pleasing combination of berries, fruits and Yerba mate tea for the senses. Heighten your focus to tackle that all day hike or that 10k road race! A great alternative to coffee before your morning workouts to give you that boost in energy but with a satisfying fruity taste!

Are you someone that needs just a little bit more energy in the morning before you run? Add in local honey for an all natural sugar to any tea or a spoonful before toeing the start line!

Colorado is an active, healthy, and motivated state that allows people to reach their limits in every sport. In Boulder, Pekoe Sip House is empowering you with all the right teas to make sure you are on top of your game each day. Good luck to all the BolderBOULDER runners and all others who are tackling new adventures this summer!