Sip It Your Way: Personalize Your Tea Drink at Pekoe

Your drink is about you! When you order tea or coffee at Pekoe Sip House there are two demands to balance: a flavor craving to satisfy, and the nourishment your body needs. Whether you want it healthier, tastier, or more energizing – personalize your tea drink! How, you ask?

  • Swap in a milk alternative
  • Toss in some chia seeds
  • Upgrade to a big straw with boba pearls
  • Stir in something sweet
  • Add a Skoop of whole food nutrition

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personalize your tea drink with chia, boba, sweeteners, plant-based powders, and more.

Make It Healthy!

Change Your Milk

Milk is a great source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, it’s true – but for those with lactose allergies or vegan diets, we offer soy, rice, and almond milk alternatives. Each alternative fits a different lifestyle, and they all taste unique! Soy milk is a good source of protein and vitamin B. Almond Milk is a low calorie option with no saturated fat or cholesterol, and a good source of vitamins D and E. Rice Milk is good for those with nut allergies. Whether you’re searching for a new flavor or different health benefits, we have a milk that’s a fit for you.

Add a Detox or Protein

With newly available Skoop powders, you can quickly and easily add 100% plant-based whole food nutrition to your favorite drink. Cleanse and reboot your body with Detox A-Game, or shake in Super All-In-One, which delivers the protein and nutrition of a balanced meal and promotes digestive health.

Toss In Chia Seeds

Soaked chia does more than add fun texture. These tiny black seeds are high in fiber and protein, and are naturally gluten-free. A smart addition to any smoothie, iced tea, or breakfast bowl!

Personalize your tea drink or coffee drink with sauces like chocolate or caramel!

Make It Tasty!

Sweeten Your Day

A variety of syrups and sauces are available in our cafes. They can do everything from lightly sweetening your chai to transforming lattes into tasty treats. Our old school simple syrups come in vanilla and hazelnut flavors – both are organic and very sweet! We also serve classic and vanilla-flavored agave syrups, which add a gentler sweetness without the spike and crash of regular sugar. Looking to take the bitter edge off an espresso latte, or add a layer of decadent flavor? Try our premium white or dark chocolate syrups, or a splash of caramel sauce!

Chewy Tapioca Bubbles

Boba pearls are sweet, chewy bubbles of tapioca we all enjoy munching on. At Pekoe Sip House, we recommend adding boba to any iced drink or smoothie for a sip that’s as fun to say as it is to drink! Visit our blog post about tea cravings to learn more about boba tea.

Personalize Your Tea Drink with energy from a shot of espresso or a Skoop Energy Ignite powder

Make It Energizing!

Extra Espresso

When you need to wake up, nothing gets the job done quite like an extra shot! Shake off that funk with a boost from Pekoe espresso. Add to your latte or mocha, or pour into a tea latte like our chai latte (a “dirty chai”) or Peace of Mind, a peppermint white chocolate tea latte.

Pre-Workout Energy

Boost energy and endurance with Skoop Energy Ignite. Made from powdered whole foods like beets and pomegranate, this nutrition supplement was designed to help deliver oxygen to muscles and encourage your body to make a quick recovery from an intense workout. Whether it’s a bike up Flagstaff, a half-marathon, or a hike up a 14er, Energy Ignite is the perfect personalizer to support your body.

There you have it. No one can tell you what your body needs – daily or in general. Listen to your body and choose from any of the add-ons above to customize your drink or breakfast bowl to suit your life – and tastebuds!



SKOOP and Pekoe Sip House Give Back: Project Produce

SKOOP is a company on a mission to make great nutrition available to all. With 100% plant-based nutrition powders made from whole foods (and no extra junk) Skoop is destined to become your go-to body boost. The three Skoop powders available at Pekoe Sip House are:

  • Super All-In-One: A meal replacement with plant-based protein, promotes digestive health
  • Energy Ignite: Boost energy and endurance, recover quickly from intense workouts
  • Detox A-Game: Cleanse and reboot your body

What’s better than investing in your health? Investing in the health of American children. With every Skoop purchase, you are helping to place fruits and vegetables in front of school age children for healthier lunch options around the country! How, you ask? When you toss a Skoop into your drink, 3% of sales are donated to Project Produce. With their grants to schools, Project Produce aims to improve cafeteria lunches around the country to grow a healthier generation of Americans, and increase nutrition education in schools. With Pekoe Sip House and Skoop’s protein, energy, or detox extras, you can improve your health and change the lives of others.