Prevent Winter Weight Gain with Tea

In Colorado, we know how to embrace the colder seasons. Vacationers flock to our state for world-class mountains and snow, families visit ski towns during the holidays, and in our foodie hometown of Boulder, the locals warm up with their favorite seasonal flavors.

Prevent Winter Weight Gain with these 9 Teas

The first snow of the season has fallen in Colorado, and as we wake up to the white-capped mountains in the distance, we begin to dream about the epic skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing awaiting us in the mountains. We know that the colder weather and shorter days will also bring a special charm to the streets as Boulder prepares for the holidays with twinkling lights. However, that same seasonal change brings with it seemingly inevitable winter weight gain.

Adding a bit of winter weight is common for many reasons. For one thing, our activity levels go down as the days shorten and the weather outside becomes inhospitable. In addition to a slower pace, traditional winter and holiday foods are often hearty dishes high in calories and fat, designed to fortify our bodies to handle the cold (and maybe to prepare us for hibernation!). Finally, we are happy to indulge to ward off winter blues and celebrate time with friends and family. Don’t we deserve it?

Prevent Winter Weight Gain with these 9 Teas

The result is days filled with cinnamon-sprinkled winter breads and second helpings of apple pie. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We agree – and there’s no need to forgo these delicious winter flavors in the name of good health!  

Rather than overload on sugar and carbohydrates, experiment with substituting the teas in this article for common holiday food flavors when you’re feeling festive! Loose-leaf teas from Pekoe Sip House can help you to get into the holiday spirit without derailing your healthy diet.

Read on for 5 of our favorite holiday food flavors – and their tea substitute!

Prevent Winter Weight Gain with these 9 Teas


The rare fall and winter fruits are so closely associated with the holidays, you can’t go an entire season without craving them!

Queen Pomegranate White Tea is a delicate tea that exhibits subtle grassy (almost lemony) notes with the sweet tanginess of pomegranate at the beginning and end of each sip. Your favorite winter fruit in your mug of tea!

Herbal Madras Rooibos Tea with cranberry and orange peel will infuse winter mornings with comforting flavor.

Superfoods Green Tea, made with goji berries, lemongrass, and pomegranate seeds, is a fruity and tangy-sweet cup of tea for a quick, nourishing pick-me-up.

Prevent Winter Weight Gain with these 9 Teas


We’ll sprinkle cinnamon on oatmeal, pumpkin breads, apple muffins – just about anything, really! Just give us that perfect winter flavor. Now, enjoy cinnamon without overloading on carbohydrates.

Mountain Gold Rooibos Tea is a tea after our own (Colorado) hearts! A flavorful and fragrant blend of cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel layers delightfully with organic South African red rooibos.

Sweet Spice Black Tea mingles cinnamon with orange peel, delivering a well-balanced sweet and spicy tango on the tongue.

* When searching for cinnamon, there’s no need to choose between our signature loose-leaf Chai tea blends – they all contain this winter spice! Sample each with our new Chai Tea Lovers Gift Set.

Prevent Winter Weight Gain with these 9 Teas


Zesty orange peel and the sweet smell of warm apples… yes, please! Skip the pie and marmalade in favor of a nourishing cup of tea.

Orange Socialite Mate Tea complements the delicious, fruity-sweet flavor of orange with the moderately smoky aroma of mate tea. Concentrated lieblichem licorice gives this tea a fresh and finely bittersweet taste that’s palette pleasing.

Forbidden Fruits Herbal Tea has all of your favorite fruit and flower flavors – hibiscus, apple, mango, currant, elderberry, strawberry, sunflower petals, raspberry pieces – in a delightfully sweet (and vibrantly colored) tea. Use it to infuse alcohol like vodka or rum for holiday parties!

Nutty Professor Green Tea, with fresh aromas of cinnamon, orange and chocolate marzipan, is enjoyable on winter days.

We wouldn’t ignore those powerful chocolate and vanilla cravings either! Learn about our 7 Teas to Combat Sugar Cravings, which deliver the delicate flavor of vanilla bean and the rich flavors of cacao, carob, and white chocolate – with tea!