7 Teas to Combat Sugar Cravings

There are so many reasons to love the colder months in Colorado: the snow-capped mountains, world-class slopes to ski, resort town vacations for wintry R&Reven as temperatures drop, Coloradans and vacationeers alike bundle up to play outside. The new season also brings sweet treats and holiday recipes loaded with sugar to the table. Read on to learn how to curb sugar cravings with a steaming mug of tea this fall and winter.

The excitement starts in October, when the leaves burst with reds and golds. We begin to dream about fall foliage hikes and drives, harvest festivals, hayrides and spooky ghost tours. (And pumpkin everything, of course!) As the seasons change, so do our cravings. And let’s face it, not all of our cravings are healthy ones!

The colder months are filled with savory winter breads, hearty helpings of soup and casserole, and drinks laden with chocolate, caramel, peppermint, and spice. Oh, yes—sugar and spice make everything (taste) nice.

Curb Cravings for Chocolate with Tea

With all of these sugar cravings looming on the horizon, we have an announcement for tea lovers: It IS possible to satisfy a sweet tooth with tea! Rather than overload on sugar and carbohydrates, experiment with substituting the teas listed below for common cold-weather cravings. In addition to being healthy and nourishing, all teas mentioned are naturally dairy-free and gluten-free. Those with dietary restrictions or food allergies, rejoice!

3 Teas for Vanilla Cravings

The sweet aroma of vanilla extract brings back memories of cookies, cakes, and pies baking in a flour-covered kitchen. When happy memories are conjured, how can we stop ourselves from reaching for a frosted vanilla cookie? With hot tea, that’s how!

Traditional tea drinkers should taste this twist on Earl Grey: our Vanilla Earl Creme Black Tea is a naturally creamy loose-leaf black tea blend with organic vanilla and a burst of bergamot. And yes, it is as delicious as it sounds.

Do you picture yourself nestled into a cushy armchair with a hot mug of tea as the snow falls outside? Meet Evening Solace Herbal Tea, which layers digestion-soothing peppermint tea and a hint of vanilla over calming chamomile. The daydream never has to end.

And finally, the coup de gras when sweet cravings are threatening to take over – Vanilla Lemon Burst Herbal Tea blends lemongrass, orange, raisins, currants, apples, and vanilla flavor into one artful tea. Does it sound like we’ve combined all of the signature fall flavors into one drink? Well, maybe we have.

Curb Sugar Cravings with Tea this Fall and Winter

4 Teas for Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate is the yin to vanilla’s yang, and many of us would agree: it is the hardest craving to ignore. The delicate flavor of vanilla bean is difficult to resist, but the siren call of rich chocolatey desserts is quite powerful. Luckily for us all, this season mocha lattes and chocolate chip cookies take a back seat to Pekoe Sip House’s delectable teas with cacao, carob, and white chocolate.

For starters, our Chocolate Hazelnut Mate Tea features yerba mate toasted with carob and hazelnut bits, and does more than mimic the flavor of Nutella – it can satisfy a serious craving. If you’re not crazy about hazelnut but can’t pass over a chocolate-covered almond, meet our Chocolate Covered Almond Black Tea. This tea offers the nutty and sweet flavors of coconut, safflower, almonds, and organic cacao nibs.

For those of us who’ve never met a gelato flavor we didn’t like, sample a tea that will make you reach for a kettle instead of an ice cream bowl. Persimmon Gelato Rooibos Tea is the perfect offering to savor the taste of ripe persimmons and white chocolate. Lastly, our menu would not be complete without Nutty Professor Green Tea, with fresh aromas of cinnamon, orange and chocolate marzipan. It is more than enjoyable on fall and winter days, so promise us (and your body) that you’ll give it a try the next time your sweet tooth cravings kicks into high gear.

SIP TIP: 8 ounce bags of our Vanilla Lemon Burst Tea and Chocolate Covered Almond Tea are 50% off until 10/30. Stock up now to combat cravings all season long!

Combat Sugar Cravings with Loose-Leaf Tea

Whether you’re drinking a cup of loose-leaf tea or upgrading to a tea latte, we’d wager there’s a healthy drink option to satisfy even the most powerful of sweet treat cravings. Visit one of our three tea cafes in Boulder or shop loose-leaf tea online to find your perfect warming tea beverage to enjoy this season.