Best Teas for Energy and Health

ENERGY. We all need it. We all seek it.

Before a busy day, a grueling workout, or a late night study session, we look to caffeine for energy. Some days our lives are a blur of activity, and our energy levels a constant game of keep-up!

Pekoe Sip House Blog: Best Tea for Energy and Health

Energy is often perceived as something external that we consume, like a double shot of espresso. It’s also perceived as something we need, daily, from external sources. And who can blame us?

We all want the energy to go out and seize the day! To accomplish that hard cycling climb up Flagstaff; to pitch a product to a new client; to push through the toughest moment of a long run; to enjoy family time at North Boulder park.

Yet, in order to get through a grueling workout or a busy day, we often turn to coffee or sugar-laden energy drinks. But those sources of energy are typically short-lived and cause “crashes.” Which makes us reach for more, no matter the time of day.

Our energy levels spike, then drop. It’s an up-and-down cycle that leaves us feeling completely drained at the end of the day.

Pekoe Sip House Caffeinated Teas for Long-Lasting Energy to hike, bike, climb, work, and run!

Do you know there’s an energy source that is more gentle and longer lasting?

This is where tea comes in! Tea provides long-lasting energy and focus, with a myriad of additional health benefits. Tea’s reputation as an energizing and health powerhouse often takes a back seat to coffee because the discussion centers around caffeine content. But we are here to tell you that the conversation is leaving something out!

Our best loose-leaf teas for energy and health can provide you with just that — energy that is gradual and long-lasting. Keep reading for more info!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of tea:

* There is caffeine in tea, but its amount varies depending on the kind: black, green, mate, oolong. For instance, black tea contains approximately 40-45 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup.

* Tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine that can improve attention and cognitive function.

* Research has found that caffeine and L-theanine work synergistically; when combined, they produce an effect that is greater than the sum of their parts. Which means that comparing tea to coffee based on caffeine content alone doesn’t paint the full picture of tea’s energizing benefits.

* The combination of caffeine and L-theanine found in tea provides calmer, longer-lasting, and more focused forms of energy. (No more crashes!)

Pekoe Sip House Tea Blog: Best Tea for Energy and Health

If the benefits of tea for energy sound good to you, the flavor will sound even better! Below are 12 of our best-selling organic teas for energy and health:

BLACK (40-45mg) Black tea provides uplifting energy and burns calories while potentially aiding to reduce cardiovascular problems and delivering a powerful dose of antioxidants.

Black Tiger Tea is a naturally sweet tea from southwestern India that delivers enough uplifting energy for busy parents to keep up with their cubs.

Pekoe Breakfast Tea is a blend of black teas that is ideal for entrepreneurs and career-minded folks who love to hit the ground running each morning.

Coconut Black Tea is a tropical take on a traditional tea to be shared on summer vacation with friends and family.

With black loose-leaf tea, you can enjoy it both hot or iced.

YERBA MATE (40-45mg) Yerba Mate tea is energizing, builds focus, and enhances endurance.

Pekoe Mate Tea is a South American tea that delivers oxygen to your muscles, making it an excellent tea for runners.

Chocolate Hazelnut Mate Tea sprinkles carob and hazelnut bits among toasted mate for a decadent yet healthy buzz.

Power Sage Berry Mate Tea is one of our newest blends, delivering the powerful energy of mate with delicious fruit flavor.

OOLONG (35mg) Oolong tea may help with weight loss, and prevent heart disease and cancer.

Basil Lemonade Oolong Tea with marigold blossoms will cool you off before and after an exhilarating bike ride.

Monkey Picked Oolong Tea a competition grade oolong, great for multiple steeps.

Moolong Tea is made with great care by gently heating the leaves in milk water steam, invoking a distinctly creamy scent and taste.

GREEN (20mg) Green tea provides nourishing energy, may aid with weight loss, has anti-cancer benefits, and contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate bone density.

Superfoods Green Tea with goji berries and pomegranate seeds is perfect before a weekend hike for a nourishing and delicious boost.

Spicy Green Chai Tea offers the comfort of chai spices with an invigorating kick. The spicy flavor will give you as much of a lift as its caffeine content!

Matcha Green Tea is a savory tea packed with antioxidants (and caffeine). Consume matcha, the health field’s hottest superfood on its own, in latte form, or with boba pearls.

Pekoe Sip House Boulder Loose Leaf Energy Tea - Available Online and at Our Cafes

Sometimes, it feels like our lives have become so fast-paced that we need more energy more consistently than ever. At Pekoe Sip House, we choose a lifestyle that values listening to and nourishing our bodies, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, and deliberately choosing the foods and beverages that will aid in that journey.

Energy is often misperceived to be something external that we bring into ourselves, when in fact energy can be awoken within ourselves. Visit Pekoe Sip House this summer to soak up the energy at our cafes, sip caffeinated tea for a long-lasting energy boost, and begin to awaken the energy latent within yourself.

SIP TIP: The same uplifting energy, delicious flavor, and nourishing qualities of tea are available hot or iced, in all seasons. Brew loose-leaf tea both ways with hot or iced tea filters, or share a pitcher of iced tea with friends and family this summer from our limited-edition loose leaf iced tea kit!