4 Ways Iced Tea Makes Summer Awesome

June is National Iced Tea Month, or in other words, the most refreshing month of the year. Celebrate the arrival of warmer weather and longer days with a pitcher of iced tea!

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The temperatures are rising, school’s out for the summer, and everyone’s ready for one of the best seasons of the year for outdoor fun and travel. Since 85% of tea consumed in America is iced, we are sharing our favorite ways to cool down with tea – wherever you go!

Wednesday, June 10th is National Iced Tea Day. To celebrate, Pekoe Sip House is inviting all of our local friends to visit Pekoe’s tea cafes and take advantage of these great offers:

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4 ways you can enjoy iced tea this summer:

1. Iced tea is the ultimate road trip companion. Playlist made? Check. Full tank? Check. Directions? Check. Or not – that’s really not the point! Grab a tumbler of iced tea for you and your co-pilot, and get on your way! There’s nothing better than sipping on an energizing glass of icy tea with your feet out the window.

2. A pitcher of homemade iced tea is the mark of a great host. It’s so easy to add a personal touch by selecting your favorite loose leaf tea to brew (and mix with lemonade, spirits, or both) before hosting a gathering of family and friends. Tea can be made into a variety of age-appropriate drinks. Whether you’re serving your child’s first tea party, your teenager’s graduation party, or a neighborhood cookout with a dozen adults who are thirsty for a refreshing cocktail with tea, there’s a tea recipe that’s perfect for the occasion.

3. A bottle of pre-made iced tea can make any picnic, tailgate, or al fresco lunch feel downright gourmet. Headed to a little league game? Bring a bottle of Forbidden Fruits tea (an organic and caffeine-free blend of fruits and flowers that both kids and parents will love) for a refreshing late afternoon sip by the baseball diamond. Driving to Red Rocks for an open-air concert? Toss a bottle of iced Yerba Mate into your cooler for hours of energy. Headed out to the golf course? Pack a bottle of Pekoe iced tea in your cart and stay hydrated for all 18 holes!

4. A glass of iced tea is one of the most flavorful and healthy ways to rehydrate after a great workout. When you’re ready to turn up the heat with a great hike, bike, run, or swim, ice cold tea can boost your calorie burn and aid your body’s recovery.


Shop our new, limited-edition Loose Leaf Iced Tea Kit for all of your summer entertaining needs, and drink discounted iced tea with Pekoe Sip House this Wednesday for National Iced Tea Day! We look forward to serving you the most refreshing drink of the season.

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